Aurora Produktionsstätte Teaserbild
Completion date
Technical project management
  • Aurora production plant pipe system
  • Aurora production plant control box
  • Aurora production plant pump
  • Aurora Production Plant Overview Hall
  • Aurora production plant silo container
  • Aurora production plant exterior view

New construction of a production facility for medicinal cannabis.

The German subsidiary of the listed Canadian cannabis producer Aurora urgently needed the technical project manager at short notice for the planning and new construction of a production facility for medical cannabis in the industrial park in Leuna.

The contracts with the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices had long since been concluded.


New territory for all - highest safety requirements and complex technology

An above-ground "vault" with a skin of reinforced concrete stands on a site the size of a soccer field.

Inside is a mixture of modern agriculture, laboratory, logistics and state-of-the-art technical building equipment.

More detailed data are to be kept confidential for understandable reasons. 


Technical project management in an international context

After an initial meeting with the management in Berlin and getting to know the architect, an agreement was quickly reached.

The award strategy was set up, and the team was put together, and with a well-known general contractor from the network, precisely the right partner for "design and build" in the open-book procedure could be won.

Together with the Aurora experts from Canada and Berlin and a team from the friendly commissioning specialist Combsol, the production facility was completed "on time".


Production is up and running

Joined the project at precisely the right time and made the given deadlines possible.

Successfully delivered!

Successfully delivered.
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