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Feasibility studies

At the beginning of many planning projects, there is the question: Is it even possible? The quick answer: can't be done, doesn't exist, and no is not an answer anyway. The detailed explanation, unfortunately, takes a little longer. But a thorough analysis at the beginning of a project protects against unpleasant surprises at the end.


The service phases according
to HOAI in detail

Every successful construction project requires careful planning. So far, so obvious. In service phase 01, we clarify the primary conditions of the project: functional requirements, objectives, milestone dates and the preparation of an initial budget.

This is followed by planning stages 02 to 05, with preliminary design to technical design. These planning stages aim to obtain a building permit without any problems and to obtain a basis for execution, according to which complete tenders can be issued and later, solid construction can be carried out.

  • Work phase 01: Basic evaluation
  • Work phase 02: Preliminary design

  • Work phase 03: Final design

  • Work phase 04: Permit planning

  • Work phase 05: Technical Design


From service phase 06 onwards, the task is to translate the planning of the first five phases into concrete construction instructions and calculated quantities. This can be done using service specifications for each trade or functional service descriptions in the simplest terms so that a general contractor can start directly with planning and construction (design and build).
  • Service phase 06: Preparation for an award of contract
  • Service phase 07: Support in awarding the contract
  • Service phase 08: Object or construction supervision and documentation
The proper method always depends on the project. We tailor it for each construction project. After that, the services are commissioned - the actual construction phase begins and, if desired, is supervised by us: costs must remain under control, specified qualities must be achieved, and the whole thing must remain on schedule. If this succeeds, we can say in the end: successfully delivered!

Project management defined according to DIN:

Project management according to DIN 69901-5:2009-01: The totality of all management tasks, organizations, techniques and resources for the initiation, definition, planning, control and completion of projects.

What is it really about?

It is about managing construction projects to make them a success. To do this, the requirements of the customer and the project must be critically reviewed - using digital methods as well as common sense. The most excellent possible transparency must be created in advance through honest and direct communication.

Then resources are planned, organization and processes are set up, and goals are defined. When the project gets underway, we monitor risks, deadlines, and costs. If something threatens to go wrong, we actively counteract it.

Conflicts are not swept under the carpet. They are addressed to be solved. At the same time, we don't let our good humour get in the way. Because sometimes the best thing you can do is to prevent the worst from happening.

Successfully delivered.
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