To build, it needs good connections

Trust is the foundation of every successful construction project: promises will be kept and plans realized. This is not just a question of mathematics and physics. It is also a question of chemistry. It has to be correct with each other. Because that's the only way to exchange information regularly - even when things don't go according to plan, that's why we cultivate our connections. Internally and externally.

Scalaplan GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2014. By the architect Dipl. Ing. Jens Meyer and the civil engineer Dipl.Ing. Klaus Debus, who today work with a flexible team of architects and engineers from the fields of construction, mechanical engineering, technical building equipment, IT and economics.

Each project is thought based on the requirements of the order. For this purpose, a tailor-made team is assembled from our staff, experts and partners from the network to create the best solutions.

The best construction results need the suitable materials. And a functioning team.

Based on these flexible teams, Scalaplan has locations in Hamburg, near Berlin and Chicago. They are managed by owners who think and act entrepreneurially. This is how we guarantee to deliver national and also international projects successfully.

  • Port view with cranes
  • Man works concentrated on the PC
  •  Subway station with a glass roof
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  • Mossy Wall in Scalaplan Building
  • Meeting situation of two employees
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  •  White construction helmet with American flag
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  • Alternative subway station with glass roof
  •  Meeting of two employees

Our development in figures:


Scalaplan goes live

Our first project is a comprehensive feasibility study for the new cruise location in Überseequartier in Hafencity. Our client: the Hamburg Port Authority.

A significant contract for site supervision in Potsdam follows this. The client is the Investitions- und Landesbank des Landes Brandenburg.


Nothing but expenses

A citizens' referendum stops Hamburg's Olympic bid. We would have been there. Instead, we go to the USA. Scalaplus Inc. gets off the ground. A major German retailer wants to build stores and logistics centres. And at breakneck speed. We are to support them. And deliver. Successfully.


Growing experience in the retail sector

We can further expand our expertise in retail giants. With the planning and the conversion of several shopping malls in the portfolio. Locations in Düsseldorf, Darmstadt and Berlin. Our client: ECE.


You grow with your tasks

For the Hamburg developer Garbe, we act as a project controller for an Amazon Fulfillment center near Bremen. In Berlin, we take over the project control at the problem airport for the so-called supplementary terminal T2.

For CEV, the real estate company of EDEKA, we revitalize speciality stores and shopping centres in Saalfeld, Rostock and Buchholz.


We are entering new territory

Ultimately new challenges have to be mastered this year. We are called in to build a production facility for medical cannabis in Leuna. And can report one year later. Successfully delivered.


Born in the USA

Our friendly engineering company from the USA (SSOE) needs a competent partner in Germany. It is about constructing the European Headquarters of a top customer from the automotive industry. Our first task: is to create a planning law. This was overlooked in a rush.


Closed for renovation

We support the University of Hamburg in budget planning for converting several existing buildings from the 1960s and 1970s. Extensive cost and concept studies will be handed over on schedule by the end of 2021.


On to new shores

Scalaplan moves to the Hafencity. Foundation of Scalaplan Planungsgesellschaft mbH and Scalaplan Construction Management GmbH.

In addition, we are currently working on several projects for HHLA and HPA. The duration of these projects reaches back into the late 20s.

Successfully delivered.
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