Already disproved Murphy's Law? Welcome!

  • People at office desk
  • Buildings at harbor city
  • Interior view of office building
  • S-Bahn station Elbbrücken
  • Construction worker on the building site
  • Top view office desks

We need "fish that climb trees," as bestselling author Sebastian Fitzek once put it: The unexpected has become the norm, problems have become weirder - good if you can think around corners. That's why we're looking for experts who can think outside the box when finding solutions.

Solution finders instead of problem seekers

The building has not become easier. The problems are increasing. So we don't need anyone who sets out to find more of them. We need solution finders. If you have a talent for surprising solutions, we will be happy to develop this skill with you. Our goal: to become better together with you.

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