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American Axle and Manufacturing (AAM)

Manufacturing hall interior view

A construction site on two continents

Together with our US partner SSOE and our colleagues from Scalaplus in Chicago, we planned and built the new headquarters for AAM, an automotive supplier from the USA.

Project execution
We were already involved in the project development and site search. We were also involved in the subsequent project planning. The transfer and adaptation of the planning specifications from the USA to German standards and products proved to be a challenge. Without the advantage of our location in Chicago, the uninterrupted continuation of work would often have been jeopardized. Even after the planning phase, during on-site construction supervision, the different technical requirements from the USA and Germany remained a defining issue. This was followed by further assignments to monitor defects, check documents and supervise the expansion of the materials laboratory. Again, the different requirements from the USA had to be adapted to German conditions.

What did we learn?
Building under the requirements of two continents is not for the faint of heart.


Ulrich Pfeiffer

Architect at Scalaplan



Responsible for what?

General planning and project management






Langen, Germany

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