Terminal T2

Terminal T2 Teaserbild
Terminal T2
Completion date
Project management
  • Terminal 2 concept design
  • Terminal 2 Check-In Counter
  • Terminal 2 construction crane with steel beam
  • Terminal 2 building under construction with scaffolding
  • Terminal 2 construction crane front view with steel beam
  • Terminal 2 Shell
  • Terminal 2 construction further advanced
  • Terminal 2 baggage conveyor belts

New construction of airport terminal at Campus BER

Project management for the planning and constructing of a terminal building and a service building for the Federal Police at the significant airport BER.


Airport Terminal Federal Police Service Building with Infrastructure

Terminal 2 

  • GFA: 22,570 m2
  • BRI: 145,051 m3
  • Functional airport terminal for 6 million passengers
  • with baggage handling system, state-of-the-art BER security line for check-in, commercial area
  • Prestressed concrete trusses up to 40 mtr. long

Federal Police Service Building

  • GFA: 2,940 m2
  • BRI: 11,550 m3
  • Functional office building with security requirements

Project management from concept to commissioning

Once you get involved with airports and passenger handling, it never lets you go.

In 2017, we joined a team for one of Germany's largest engineering firms (Schüßler-Plan) at Berlin Airport on an exciting expansion project.

Starting with initial concept sketches around Easter 2017 for the construction site at Pier North, which had only just been defined, the planning, construction and commissioning of the T2 extension terminal with a capacity of 6 million passengers per year were implemented within a short time. Not entirely incidentally, a new service building for the Federal Police was also designed and implemented on the neighbouring property.


Project goals achieved despite crises

Despite Covid 19, both buildings were handed over to the airport company on time, at the end of 2020, on the specified commissioning date.

Deadlines met - the airport now has sufficient capacity for a few years.

Successfully delivered!

Successfully delivered.
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