Cruise Center Rendering exterior view
Cruise terminal CCIII
Completion date
Project management
  • Cruise Center Rendering exterior view
  • Cruise Center waterfront dock
  • Cruise Center exterior view and parking slots
  • Cruise Center exterior view
  • Cruise Center ceremonial seating
  • Cruise Center ceremonial seating view from top
  • Cruise Center ceremonial seating top view
  • Cruise Center in red light at night
  • Workers at the dock
  • Cruise Center docks

A new cruise terminal for Hamburg

  • Construction of a third cruise terminal at Kronprinzkai in the Port of Hamburg, including all infrastructure measures.
  • Creation of new management structures for the cruise industry in Hamburg.
  • Budget compliance and refinancing planning according to printed matter 20/2014.

Comprehensive port project on all levels

Explosive ordnance clearance of the construction site, new terminal building with distribution corridor, new construction of 2 passenger boarding bridges, equipping of the quay wall, new construction of a jetty, new construction of traffic connection with the railroad crossing, new construction of quay operation areas, logistics forecourt areas, bus terminal and parking area. 


Partial project management for the new building

To meet the requirements of the overall project, a structure with three sub-projects was set up:

Construction, Finance u. Corporate Structure, Operations.

The Hamburg Port Authority engaged our owner Klaus Debus as a sub-project manager for the construction area.


Successful docking and casting off

The first call of the Aida Prima was successfully handled "in time".

Successfully delivered!

Successfully delivered.
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